Has Your Diamond’s Readability Been Enhanced?

We all know diamond’s readability is likely one of the 4 “C’s” we must always take a look at when evaluating a diamond. One ought to at all times study a diamond’s minimize, colour, readability, and carat when making a diamond buy, however evidently the readability of a stone could have extra weight than among the different measuring factors. Whereas it’s doable to have a diamond with good readability, this can be very uncommon. Most pure diamonds have blemishes and inclusions that immediately have an effect on the readability; nonetheless, you normally cannot see these with no jeweler’s loupe.

It is very important observe, when purchasing for any diamond 鑽石淨度, diamond’s readability could be enhanced by means of varied strategies/remedies. A pure stone that has not been tampered with and has good readability is extra helpful than a stone that needed to be handled to enhance its readability. This isn’t essentially a foul factor, however it is very important observe the true worth of the stone when making a purchase order. Your jeweler ought to advise you as as to if the stone has had readability enhancing remedies, and the value you pay for the stone ought to mirror that. Additionally, sure forms of remedies require long-term care so as to hold the diamond’s readability in place. Make certain your jeweler totally discloses whether or not the stone has been handled, and, in that case, what forms of remedies have been completed. Ask the jeweler what kind of care the ring would require sooner or later so as to keep the therapy and the way the looks of the jewel shall be affected long-term.

There are a number of forms of remedies that may improve a diamond’s readability.

Fracture Filling – This therapy fills tiny cracks within the stone with a glass-like, clear substance. The cracks will now not be seen to the bare eye, as a result of filling, however they’ll nonetheless be current. Warmth publicity can negatively have an effect on fracture fillings, so you shouldn’t consider this a long-term therapy. Warmth from the solar, from cleansing, and so forth, will have an effect on the diamond’s look in the long run.
Laser Drilling – This therapy completely removes inclusions. A tiny drill, together with a chemical answer, is used to drill into the diamond and take away these inclusions. This therapy is proof against warmth, and doesn’t immediately have an effect on the diamond’s power.
Coating & Irradiation – These remedies are used to reinforce the colour in coloured diamonds. You’ll be able to really create a extra intense or fascinating colour utilizing this therapy. Coating requires some upkeep to maintain up the stone’s look.


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